Not sure if carrying a concealed weapon is the right choice for you? Well it's not right for everyone. When I decided to get my CCW was the day that the movie shooting in Aurora Colorado happened. I thought to myself what if? How would I protect my wife, grand-son, and daughter? If we went to a movie and a mad man pulled a gun what would I do? Be a shield or try to take the mad man out. So the question you must ask yourself is do I feel safe enough to let the police protect me? Were the police able to protect the poor victims in Aurora Colorado? Where the police able to protect the children of Sandy Hook? Will the police be able to protect you when a criminal decides that he wants what you have and is willing to do what it takes to get it? The choice is yours, but you have a right to carry. If more people carried the more criminals might question their life of crime. 
If you do chose to carry, please chose Crossfire CCW so that if you happen to get caught in a crossfire you will have the tools to have a chance to walk away a survivor and not a victim.

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